Residential Addiction Services


NARA’s treatment approach is collaborative and strengths based, utilizing a wide variety of treatment modalities. Native American culture and spirituality informs our work and is offered to all of our clients. Our treatment model is based on the Medicine Wheel, integrating Health (wellness), Mental Health, Sobriety, and Culture. NARA integrates these traditional practices with evidence based work including Motivational Interviewing. Referrals and linkages are provided as needed.


Our Residential Addiction Services provide a range of integrated services to offer recovering persons hope and support. Clients come to NARA from all over Oregon and the United States. They are able to bring their child(ren) up to age 5 to stay with them while in residential treatment. Services are integrated with community recovery supports such as Good Medicine to facilitate a positive transition when clients return to their homes.

Services include:

  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Individualized and Collaborative Service Planning
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Case Management Services
  • Cultural Groups and Activities
  • Parenting Support
  • Parent-Child Development Services
  • Childcare while participating in on-site treatment services
  • OHP Eligibility
  • Access to Peer Based, Recovery Support Services
  • Access to Physical Health and Mental Health Services
  • Access to Transitional Housing as needed


Our Residential Addiction Treatment services are guided by our cultural advisor  who trains and consults with staff on cultural competence and provides cultural programming for clients. Our staff includes master’s level counselors, clinical supervisors, certified alcohol drug counselors (CADC), and psychologists. Interns from local colleges and universities also provide services. A Family Nurse Practitioner provides On-site physical health services. Access to other mental health therapists, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses and medical providers is provided. We are licensed by the State of Oregon to provide mental health and residential addiction treatment services.

Referral and Intake Process

Referrals for Residential Addiction Treatment services are received Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Admission to Residential Treatment is based upon a completed alcohol/drug assessment. To obtain complete information on eligibility, contact the admissions department.

Contact Information

NARA Residential Treatment Center
17645 NW St. Helens Highway
Portland, OR 97231
[p] 503.621.1069
[f] 503.621.0200