“Mission Driven, Spirit Led”

Native American Rehabilitation Association

         of the Northwest, INC.




The mission of NARA, NW is to provide education, physical and mental health services and substance abuse treatment that is culturally appropriate to American Indians, Alaska Natives and other vulnerable populations.

Our purpose is to achieve the highest level of physical, mental and spiritual well being for American Indians and Alaska Native people.

Contact Us

Oyate Family Services
1776 SW Madison
Portland OR 97205
[p] 503.224.1044
[f] 503.231.1654
Residential Addiction Treatment Services
17645 NW St Helens Hwy.
Portland, OR 97231
[p] 503.621.1069
[f] 503.621.020
Tate Tope
1310 SW 17th Ave
Portland, OR 97201
[p] 503.231.2641
[f] 503.467.4077
[Intake] 503.307.7775
Outpatient Addiction Treatment Services
1631 SW Columbia
Portland, OR 97201
[p] 503.231.2641
[f] 503.231.1654
NARA Indian Health Clinic
15 N Morris St
Portland, OR 97227
[p] 503.230.-9875
[f] 503.230.9877
Wellness Center
12360 E Burnside
Portland, OR 97233
[f] 971.279.2213
Totem Lodge
1438 SE Division
Portland, OR 97202
[p] 503.548.0346
[f] 503.232.5959

                                                     Founded in 1970 in Portland, Oregon, the Native American                                                               Rehabilitation Association of the Northwest, INC. is an Indian-                                                          owned, Indian-operated, non-profit agency.  Originally  an                                                                 outpatient substance abuse treatment center, NARA NW now                                                           operates a residential family treatment center, an outpatient                                                              treatment center, a family resource program, transitional housing                                                     for Native women and children, a primary health care clinic and the soon to open Totem Lodge which will serve as the mental health resource location.  All services are centered on the family as it is NARA NW’s philosophy that, without the family circle there will be no future.


Traditional Indian culture and spirituality have always been an integral part of NARA NW’s services. In recognition of our service to American Indian and Alaska Natives, NARA NW has been honored with a sacred pipe, a totem pole, sacred fire circle, and a drum. The pipe and drum continue to be used in our sacred ceremonies; the totem pole stands at the entrance of our residential facility. It is our philosophy to honor and support the emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health of our Indian people.

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